Only a qualified person should install this fixture!

1) Turn off circuit breaker
2) Screw bracket to junction box
3) Thread nipple into the bracket
4) Connect the fixture ground wire and the supply ground wire to the screw on the mounting bracket
5) Twist the fixture’s white wire together with the white wire in the junction box and secure with a wire nut. Twist the fixture’s black wire together with the black (or red) wire in the junction box and secure with a wire nut. Secured ends need to be tucked back into the box
6) Place ceramic over nipple and secure with cap
7) DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN as you will fracture your fixture!
8) The application of a silicone sealer/caulking compound around the perimeter of this fixture is required in order to provide a water tight seal between this fixture and the mounting surface.

If this fixture is white or white texture, the
factory recommends painting with exterior latex to keep fixture from staining.
Clean only with damp cloth – no cleaners.