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Why Choose Ceramic for your lighting needs?

 Ceramic is conducive to all types of weather hot, cold, humid or dry. Whether in harsh desert conditions or a coastal  environment ceramic does not corrode or rust like metal.  Ceramic fixtures can be used inside or outside and are highly adaptable to any style home or building.

What does Dark Sky compliant mean?

Dark Sky compliant outdoor wall lighting fits a set of criteria established by the International Dark Sky Association or IDA. This group is dedicated to reducing light pollution by conducting research and issuing guidelines regarding how to design lighting to minimize sky glow.

What are the benefits of Dark Sky compliant lighting? Dark Sky compliant outdoor wall lighting is bright enough to provide the necessary illumination for security/safety but does not give off excessive amounts of light. This reduces light pollution and allows for a clearer view of the night sky. Dark Sky fixtures also give off fewer blue light emissions than conventional lighting.

What types of wall lighting are Dark Sky compliant? Most Dark Sky compliant outdoor wall lighting features downward-facing lamps. The lighting is typically fully shielded, meaning that a shade covers at least the top portion of the light.